How To Choose A 100 Ton Gantry Crane In The World Market?

100 ton gantry crane for sale
100 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale

A 100 ton gantry crane is not a toy. This is a very serious purchase that will demand your full attention and excellent research and negotiation skills. This is why you have to make sure you understand how to do this research the proper way. This article is here to help you with a few tips.

The first tip we can share with you is that you may be better off seeking for your gantry crane outside the borders of your country. The world market is full of interesting offers, much better than your local ones. For instance, China manufacturers of heavy machines and industrial equipment may be able to offer you the 100 ton gantry crane at a much smaller price than their US counterparts. This is something you should really take into account when doing your research. You’ll find plenty of manufacturers from all over the world by simply using your favorite search engine. For China ones, you may want to use the dedicated marketplaces like AliBaba and AliExpress, or even eBay and the Amazon Marketplace. Nonetheless, many gantry crane suppliers in the world market have their own websites, so you’ll probably find them in Google, as well. Just check their credentials and their work portfolio very carefully, in order to ensure you’re going to choose a reliable one.

The next best tip we can offer you is that you shouldn’t jump into buying the first 100 ton gantry crane you come across. Even if the supplier looks professional, you should still seek for at least a couple of alternative options. Otherwise, how would you be able to make a direct comparison? Although such complex equipment may have specifications that make it one of a kind, you can still ask for several quotes, just to see what else is available out there on the different markets of the world.

When you search for suppliers online, you should also seek for client ratings and reviews. It’s always good to know what other clients are saying about the services of a specific contractor. This can save you from making bad purchases, as you’ll learn which companies to stay away from. If an equipment seller has poor ratings and lots of negative reviews, you can be almost sure your experience is also going to be bad. If, on the contrary, a manufacturer has mainly raving reviews, you can safely add this company to your shortlist. Why not use the experience of other people to avoid making the same mistakes? This is the role of product reviews and the main reason why you should read some of them before making your purchase.

Last but not least, choose your gantry crane by other criteria than the price. While price is also very important, there are other things that could influence your experience. Poor customer services, for instance, may cause shipping delays or dead times due to the lack of advice is regard to various issues that may arise. Operating such a heavy machine is not a challenges-free endeavor. Buy it from someone who can offer you proper customer assistance.

Looking At The Features Of A Portable Gantry Crane

If you’re interested in purchasing a portable gantry crane, you’re going to want to make sure you have a clear picture of what you are buying. You’ll want to look at the product a little more closely, and you’ll want to check out some of the features that it offers as well.

single girder electric gantry crane for sale
single girder electric gantry crane

Looking At Features Can Help You To Find The Best Gantry Crane

If you’re trying to find the top gantry crane on the market, looking at features should be very helpful. When you see what sort of features different cranes offer, you’ll have a clearer picture of which products would work well for you.

You should try to look at a lot of different features when you’re evaluating portable gantry cranes. Think about the features that would be genuinely useful to someone like you. If you have a better idea of what various gantry cranes can offer you, you’ll be able to see which products are the best fit for you.

Knowing More About Features Can Teach You More About A Product

How much do you know about portable gantry cranes and the features that they offer? If this is a feature that you don’t know much about, you’re going to want to take the time to learn more.

Educate yourself about gantry crane features so that you’ll understand more about these cranes and how they can be used. Portable gantry cranes have changed in a number of ways, and features are a big part of that.

high quality electric gantry crane  sales
high quality electric gantry crane for sale

Consider What You Could Do With These Features

The right features can make a gantry crane a lot more efficient than it would normally be. When you’re weighing some of your options, you should think about what you would be able to do with the types of features that a gantry crane offers. Portable gantry crane usually a small crane, it has small size and simple structure.

If you look carefully at the features that a portable gantry crane includes, you’ll be able to see whether or not that product is suited to your needs. In many cases, when people check out these gantry cranes and their features, they discover new ways to use these cranes.

Find Features That Deliver A Lot Of Value

When you look at gantry cranes, you should look at how their features impact their pricing. If a crane has a lot of great features, and it isn’t all that expensive, you’ll be able to see that the crane offers plenty of value for the price.

When you make a significant purchase like this, you won’t want to feel like any of your money was wasted. On the contrary; you’ll want to feel like your money was well-spent. You should look for a feature-rich gantry crane that appears to be a smart buy.

Take the time to look over the features of a portable gantry crane. If you’re familiar with everything that a product has to offer, you’ll be able to figure out whether or not that product is a smart buy for you. Look at a number of gantry cranes and see what you can discover.

20 ton electric double girder gantry crane for sale
20 ton electric double girder gantry crane

Have a peek at these:

Significant Features And Applications Of Semi Gantry Crane

Can Handle Any Job

The Semi Gantry Crane is a very good choice because it can handle anything that you throw at it. Not all pieces of equipment that you might consider will be able to do this, but this is one piece of equipment that can. They’re very popular because of their versatility and robustness. If you are looking for something that can do just about everything on a site, then this is what you’re looking for. You probably already know a lot of this in your searching Semi Gantry Crane just to get a little bit more information.

double beam semi gantry crane sales
double beam semi gantry crane

Made For Heavy Duty

Strong and heavy duty, ready to be put into action. A piece of equipment that is made to last for a long time. This is made to do the tough jobs that other cranes cannot do. For other cranes start to fail, start to lag behind, start to give you trouble, a Semi Gantry Crane will keep on pushing until the job is done. This is one of the reasons why people continue to buy them. It simply gets the job done in the best way possible.

Best Engineering

What can you say about this equipment? It really is the best that’s going around. One of the reasons why it is the best is because of the research and development that the manufacturer has done. Its engineering is top-notch. It is designed in a way that it can last forever. It is money well spent when you put it towards a piece of equipment that is so well-designed, that is made to last for a long time that is made strong and efficiently. Something that you definitely will get a lot of value out of for years to come.

semi portable gantry crane for sale
semi portable gantry crane

Can Work All Day

Most important thing is knowing that it can work all day long. We talked a little bit about this earlier but it is well worth talking about once again. Having a piece of equipment that is strong enough to last all day. Sometimes the kind of work that you do might not require something that can lift several tons above the type of work that you need to move, but there’s a good argument for getting this type of equipment because of this robustness, the more it can lift, easier and less stress it takes for it to handle lighter jobs. Meaning that it works very little to do a lot.

Good Investment

in good investment from a future proofing standpoint. Something that is important to a lot of companies. Future proofing means that you buy one time and it last for a significant amount of time. You buy big enough and strong enough so that you will not have to do any type of dates or rebuying anytime soon. This is why future proofing and buying a little bit more than what you need is very important. It puts you ahead of the curve and it ultimately saves you a lot of money and time.

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semi gantry crane sales
semi gantry crane for sale

How To Operate A Garage Gantry Crane Safely

There are quite a few workshops and garages across the country that have to use some type of a gantry crane to function. When you are lifting heavy engines about of cars, or placing new ones in, you have to have one that is able to lift all of that weight. These can range in between five and 10 tons in most cases. They can be lower or much higher. If they are mobile, they can sometimes lift up to 20 tons. It depends on the type that you are purchasing, and how it is used, when you are making your purchase. You also need to know how to operate a garage gantry crane safely. These are tips that can help you do this properly.

Single Girder Garage Gantry Crane
Single Girder Garage Gantry Crane

How To Use This Garage Gantry Crane


If you want to use this, it’s actually very easy. There is a small control console, sometimes handheld, that you are going to operate. In other cases, with the larger ones, there will be an entire booth. This is where you will be able to operate the controls in complete safety. However, those are for the larger units that are extremely tall. For a garage, everything is going to be done at the ground level. You can use these to position them wherever you want so that you can lift up heavy items.


Are All Of The Garage Gantry Cranes Portable?


Some of them are actually stationary. These are ones that are likely to lift much more weight than the portable unit. They will also be heavier and that is going to allow them to lift larger amounts of weight without buckling. It can be problematic when you have a gantry crane that is designed to lift a certain amount, only to have the entire structure collapse. You must be careful when selecting these because of that problem. This is why many people will get both stationary and portable gantry cranes for their business. To learn more, click here

Portable Gantry Crane for Sale
Portable Gantry Crane for Sale

Can You Get Discounts On Them Online?


Top discounts are available from businesses that are currently selling many different units. They have so many to choose from, one of which is going to be in the right price range. If you can’t find one right away, that’s because it is likely sold out. You may have to look for it with another different business. There might be several that you have not yet found. If you cannot find them through the classified advertisements, online listings are also another way that you can locate these businesses that sell them for less.


How Do You Operate One Of These Safely?


You can operate these very safely by standing a safe distance from the gantry crane while it is operating. If you are using one that has a remote, then you won’t have to worry about standing too close. If it is attached by a cable, you should be as far back as possible. This will ensure that safety levels are maintained. Operating them involves using the controls. There is and on and off switch. There will be buttons or levers that will allow you to raise and lower the loads. If there is a trolley, it will allow you to move it back and forth. There should also be an emergency stop which is the safety precaution that is added to most of these gantry cranes, regardless of the size.


The garage gantry crane that you purchase should not only be versatile. It should have the ability to move as much weight as you need. You will have to determine what that is based upon what they are sold as being able to lift. Reputable companies will be very accurate with those measurements. If purchased, you will be able to feel confident it will last for many years. It could actually last decades. You also need to practice a little bit to make sure that you are safely operating these garage gantry cranes, even though they are smaller in size. To receive a free quotation, click here